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Do you enjoy sports? Having the game on, pouring pints, cheering and jeering with friends and neighbours?


Do you love providing hospitality and working in a restaurant environment? Do you have a casual "New York" edge that makes you fun, maybe a little sarcastic, energetic, and generally just a cool person? Well then why not get paid for it?


We are always looking for our new family member to join the team and show this city that we are not boring and we can have a New York good time right here in Ottawa.


We do prefer some experience, this gig will involve some multi-tasking and juggling so you will want to know the basics of bartending and serving! But if you have a willingness to learn to be one of the team, we would love to teach ya.

HEART of house

We are looking for a professional cook to join our family. Often you will operate the kitchen on your own. Line cook duties will consist of maintaining kitchen cleanliness, and preparing dishes for guests. The successful candidate will play a key role in contributing to our guest satisfaction and menu development. We are a small tight knit place that you can call home.

-Proven cooking experience, including experience as a line cook, restaurant cook or prep cook
-Excellent understanding of various cooking methods, ingredients, equipment and procedures
-Accuracy and speed in executing assigned tasks
-Familiar with industry’s best practices

- A commitment to the idea that "everything is everyone's job in the workplace" and a commitment to doing all that the business requires to provide the highest standard of hospitality.

Feel free to submit your resume below and we would be happy to review.

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