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From the iconic Coney Island Hot Dog, to fresh Brooklyn-Style Pies. We’re bringing the best of New York to Ottawa!

Pubblico embodies a casual and authentic atmosphere where you can enjoy a Nathan’s Hot Dog smothered in homemade ketchup and mustard while watching the game or you can shine your shoes, grab the wife and shout “Salut!” with a flawless glass of wine like a true mobster.

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From ball-game snacks like jumbo pretzels and Nathan's Famous™ dogs, to your uncle Vinny's cheese-stuffed meatballs. We've got the perfect menu for a football Sunday or an easy night out with that special someone.

Staying in tonight? Order a Brooklyn Pie online!

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Some bars might try to sell you a $16 fancy craft beer that also doubles as hipster mustache wax. When it comes to beer, we like to keep things simple. Casual, easy drinking beer is where we shine. Wine and spirit drinkers, we've got you covered too. 

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If there's a game, you bet we'll have it on! With six HDTV's all around the bar, you'll never miss a thing. Whether you're cheering or booing, we've got a cold one with your name one it.

Have any game you would like to come watch? Send us a message below and setup the viewing

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Tuesday Nov. 22nd: 2pm

Wednesday Nov 23rd: 11am

Thursday Nov. 24th: 11am

Friday Nov. 25th: 11am

Saturday Nov 26th: 11am

Sunday Nov. 27th: 11am

Nov. 28-30: 2pm

Thursday Dec. 1st: 10am

Dec 3-6: 10am

Dec 9-10: 10am

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